Class Room Training - SAS Clinical, Clinical Research, Biostatistics, Base SAS, Advance SAS & CDISC SDTM, ADaM, TLF/TLGs with Project Experience Certification & Placement Assistance
  Class Room Training- Advanced PG Diploma in Pharmacovigilance/Drug Safety in Oracle Argus Safety Database with Practical Hands on Training - Project Experience Certification & Placement Assistance
  Online Training - Pharmacovigilance/Drug Safety in Oracle Argus Safety Database with Practical Hands on Training with Project
  Online Training-Pharmacovigilance Drug Safety Physician/Medical Reviewer
  Online Training - Argus Safety Configuration
  Online Webinar Training - Two days Training with Certificate in Pharmacovigilance with Argus Safety database
  Online Training - Clinical Data Management in Oracle Clinical OC/RDC with Practical Hands on Training with Project
  Online Webinar Training - Two days Training with Certificate in Clinical Data Management with Oracle Clinical database
  Online Training - Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Regulatory Affairs
  Online Training - CTD/eCTD
  Online Training - SAS Clinical (Base SAS, Advance SAS and Biostatistics) with Project
  Online Training - SAS CDISC SDTM, ADaM, TLF/TLGs
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Hands on Practical Training in Oracle Argus Safety Database (Pharmacovigilance) & Oracle Clinical OC/RDC (CDM).

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About us
As a Site Management Organization we are geared to support sponsors and investigators looking for a competent and experienced team of clinical trial site management professionals.

India is one of the most suitable and conducive destinations for clinical trials. A large base of well qualified and experienced medical practitioners and one of the widest networks of hospitals and medical facilities, contributes to the nation's increasing popularity as a clinical trial hub. However successful clinical trials depend on the presence of a reliable and competent site management organization.

We provide services in all related spheres to support our clients’ Clinical trial processes. The services are customized to our clients’ requirements in initiating, conducting, controlling and comprehensively managing the Site operations. We look to enable our clients to perform to their best potential. We help them to streamline their activities and extend their geographic coverage in order to capitalize on their products as swiftly and effectively as possible in the marketplace.
So whatever be your requirement in the clinical trial field, trust us to not only support your need but also contribute to your success

Services For Clinical Investigators and Hospitals

We offer quality services for investigators, enabling them to organize, perform and execute successful clinical trials. In our capacity as a Site Management Organization, we assist Clinical Investigators and Hospitals who have excellent sites available for trials to qualify for new clinical trials.

We are always working towards the establishment of mutually beneficial relationships between sponsors and investigator sites. After obtaining studies from Pharmaceutical Companies and CROs about their requirements, we regularly inform investigator sites about the upcoming studies and based on the suitability of your site, award you the trial.
We upgrade the trial sites to suit protocol specific requirements and impart training to the study staff to execute trials proficiently.
About us
We offer site management services for clinical studies across a wide range of therapeutic areas to sponsors having a progressive drug development agenda, so that they can leverage the facilities available in India to achieve their goals in a cost effective and efficient manner.

We are fully aware of the requirements of Clinical Research Organizations. We perfectly understand that successful trial outcome is a necessity and timely results will help you get an edge over your competitors.

The fact that pharmaceutical companies are now relying increasingly on CROs to develop their products, they must be prepared to play a more active role with regulators, health care providers and patients.
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