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Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights-IPR & Patents

Bioinformatics & Cheminformatics

IPR- Intellectual Property Rights is a highly professional subject in today’s Science & Technology domain. With the increasing role of intellectual property rights in pharmaceutical industry, BioMed Informatics Medwin Hospitals is offering PG Diploma program in IPR and Patents.

Intellectual Property Rights is creating excellent job opportunities for Pharma/Science candidates to work as Patent Analyst, IPR Executive, Patent Drafting Expert, Patent Writer, Patent Executive, IPR Associate, Patent Manager, Patent Research Executive, Docketing Specialist, Patent Agent, Patent Associate, Patent Officer in India, USA & UK.

This program is designed to prepare candidates for entry level jobs in IPR. IPR trained professionals are employed in various Pharmaceutical Companies, Biotech Companies, Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPOs), Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO), IPR Firms, IT Companies, MNCs etc. Under this program, participants will be provided with professional skills of patent searching tools and techniques. At the end of program participants will be provided suitable placement assistance.


Course Curriculum

Module 1: Intellectual Property and Patents

arrow Introduction to IP arrow Patent Corporation Treaty
arrow Patents arrow Patent Specification
arrow Trademarks arrow Terms and Terminology
arrow Copyrights  

Module 2: Basic Patent Laws and Concepts

arrow Concepts of Indian Patent law
arrow Concepts of US law
arrow Concepts of EU law

Module 3: Patent Searches

arrow Structure of Patent arrow Boolean Searching
arrow Patent Searching arrow Query Searching
arrow Indian Patent Office (IPO) arrow Image Searching
arrow United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) arrow Chemical Structure Searching
arrow European Patent Office (EPO) arrow Citation Searching
arrow Delphion and Thomson Reuters arrow Cluster Searching
arrow Tools of Patent Searching arrow Classification Code Searching
arrow Keyword Searching    

Module 4: Patent Analysis

arrow Prior Art Search
arrow Validity Search
arrow Infringement Search
arrow Freedom to Operate Search
arrow Patentability Search
arrow Novelty Search
arrow Technology Landscaping
arrow State of Art Search
arrow Maps Portraying an Overall Composition of a Technology Field or an Expanse of a Technology Field
arrow Map Portraying Expanses of Applications of a Technology Field
arrow Map Portraying Technology Fields Related to a Technology Field
arrow Map Portraying a Technological Progress
arrow Map Portraying Changes of Relations between Activity of a Technology Development and Participating Companies
arrow Map Portraying the Degree of Maturity of a Technology Field
arrow Map Portraying Changes of Technical Contents
arrow Map Portraying Trends of Problems in a Technological Development
arrow Map Portraying Changes of Influential Industrial Field in Technological Development
arrow Map Portraying the Status Quo of Applications with Multiple Perspective of a Technology Field
arrow Maps Portraying Problems in a Technological Development
arrow Map Portraying Correspondence between Problems and Technologies
arrow Map Portraying Applicants Having Filed Many Applications
arrow Map Portraying Structural Differences of Applications among the US, Europe and Japan
arrow Map Portraying Upper Ranked Applicants (Right Holders) of Foreign Countries
arrow Map Portraying Expanses of a Technology Development in Foreign Countries

Module 5: Case Studies and Sample Reports


Our Students are Alumni of

Our Students are Alumni of

BioMed in Media

Bio Specturum


We are glad to say that BioSpectrum Magazine highlighted the name of BioMed Informatics, for its predominant role in the emerging technologies of Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Data Management. Even Dr. Ashok IAS, Director of Biotechnology, Government of Andhra Pradesh, highlighted BioMed Informatics, in his interview with Pharmabiz Magazine in Mumbai. Excerpts enclosed herewith.


AP state Biotech Policy to be redrafted to make it more industry friendly: Dr A Ashok Mumbai.The Government of Andhra Pradesh is committed to harness the benefits of biotechnology in order to make a positive contribution to the life of the common man.

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